Episode 51 - Close call on "The Six" with Darin White
Inside The Line: The CatskillsOctober 17, 2022
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Episode 51 - Close call on "The Six" with Darin White

Welcome to episode 51 of Inside The Line: The Catskills! On this episode, I am joined by Darin White who is going to share his story of his close call on a hike of “the six”. “The six” is a thru-hike where you summit six 3500 peaks: Friday, Balsam Cap, Lone, Rocky, Table and Peekamoose. Darin and his son took a wrong turn which forced them to do an emergency overnight camp in the middle of the most remote place in the Catskills. We chat about what the plan was, what went wrong and what they did to prevent the need for a rescue. Tonight's history is about Arnold Guyot’s Map of the Catskills. Subscribe on any platform! Share! Donate! Do whatever you want! I'm just glad you're listening! And remember... VOLUNTEER!!!!!!

Post Hike Brews and Bites:

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