Episode 46 - Fenwick Lumber Company with Dr Kudish
Inside The Line: The CatskillsSeptember 12, 2022
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Episode 46 - Fenwick Lumber Company with Dr Kudish

Welcome to episode 46 of Inside The Line: The Catskills! On this episode I am joined by Catskill legend Dr Michael Kudish and we chat about the great Fenwick Lumber Company located on SW Hunter Mountain. Dr Kudish has dedicated his life to the Catskills, studying the history of the forests, beginning with Vegetation History of the Catskill High Peaks and expanded to include an examination of Catskills soils, climate, ecological personalities of tree species, human disturbance and history and the history recorded in the rings of living and just-fallen trees. The Fenwick Lumber Company was located near the summit of SW Hunter Mountain. A lumber company at that elevation is unusual, which is why Dr Kudish has put time into this study into this company. We also chat about several other lumber companies and a road once located in Mink Hollow between Sugarloaf and Plateau Mountain. Subscribe on any platform! Share! Donate! Do whatever you want! I'm just glad you're listening! And remember... VOLUNTEER!!!

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