Episode 28 - Dave from Friends of the Feathered and Furry
Inside The Line: The CatskillsApril 04, 2022
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Episode 28 - Dave from Friends of the Feathered and Furry

Welcome everyone to episode 28 of Inside the Line: The Catskills! Tonight, I have a great chat with Dave Loverde who runs the Friends of the Feathered and Fury wildlife center. Located outside of Westkill, the FFF is a A 501(c)3 wildlife rehabilitation center dedicated to helping injured and orphaned New York State wildlife, headed by a multiple-license rehabilitators. Run by volunteers, they also travel to many locations where animals are threatened with future injury, physical injury of adult animal that can be treated without capture nor injury to animal. Dave chats with me about how it all started, some crazy rescues that they have done and tips on how you can help avoid these situations that you might run into. History lesson tonight is on how the Tanneries almost destroyed the Catskills. Thanks for listening! Subscribe on any platform! Share! Donate! Do whatever you want! I'm just glad you're listening!

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